name. William 'Liam' Behrman
nicknames. Liam, Li, Billiam
age. 35
sexuality. Yes.
date of birth. November 16, 1985
occupation. Manager at Drexoll Games
marital status. Forever alone Single
ethnicity. Caucasian
height. 6'2"
weight. 160 LBs
build. Baby Giraffe
hair. Jewfro
eyes. Brown
style. No fucks given.
Liam is, above all else, cheerful. He is the type of person who will have a smile on his face unless something devestating has happened. He's got an almost obnoxiously sunny outlook on life, and it is very hard to bring his mood down. He would rather laugh his way through a problem than let it get him down, and he likes to think of himself like a duck. Things roll right off his back, so long as they're not too serious. He also loves hard, and with his entire heart. He may come off as a total goofball, but he is also sweet, and considerate. He will literally lie down in front of a train for the people who are close to him, and has the (sometimes unfortunate) tendency to fall in love at the drop of a hat.

Liam typically has a lot of energy, and will more than likely start dancing if he's in a position where someone might typically stand still for long periods of time. Checkout lines at the grocery store are particularly amusing. As an aspiring musician, there is constantly a song in his head, and if he's bored, why not dance to the music that is everywhere? This has earned himself more strange looks than he could ever hope to count. When his endless energy font runs out, however, he will crash hard. He'll either sleep for a full day, or he'll burn himself out to the point where he makes himself sick.

On the negative side, he's very hard on himself. If he doesn't get something right almost immediately, he will take it hard. It's the only thing he's typically grumpy about. He likes to say that he'll never hold a grudge, unless it's against himself. The cheery disposition does a good job of hiding a few big hurts he's gone through in his life, and if the occasion ever comes where he cracks, it's likely he'll cry for three days straight, just because he's not used to feeling that way. It's not that he bottles things up, he just doesn't let them bother him enough to have to deal with them. Perhaps it's a denial complex; if I don't act like this is bad, then it's not bad. Even if it is.
his 'one true talent'}
Music - Liam has always, always loved music. He was singing before he was speaking, and he could make an instrument out of anything he laid his dirty, sticky little hands on. When he was in school, he sang for the choir, even earning himself a solo when he was eleven. He was in the band in high school, playing the bass, and he attempted to start more than one garage band througout high school and college. They never worked out, but he was always happy to just jam. He's in a band now that is actually semi-successful, with paying gigs and everything. And whenever he can, he will spend far too much time with his guitar, bending over it until his back screams at him and he walks with a hunch, like a cartoony villain. If you ask him, he will say that music is the only thing he's good at. His one and only talent. Oh, except for being able to eat his weight in chicken nuggets in an alarmingly short amount of time.

things he do good.}
Writing - You could lump this into 'music', but Liam has always had a certain talent when it comes to writing. Mostly song lyrics, but he's been known to weave a short story here and there. He likes fantasy, and science-fiction, and enjoys trying to blend the two together whenever the bug bites him. It's not as often as he once was, but he still enjoys it when he does it.

Video Games - Scoff all you like, but it counts, damn it. Especially older games, before everything had a tutorial level and a thousand power ups and you didn't have to pick up extra lives. Before the game developers started handholding. He doesn't dislike new games, but they're not 1984 hard anymore, and sometimes he just likes those games that make him want to punch a baby.

Ordering Take-Out - Liam doesn't cook. The one and only thing he can cook well are burgers, and man can not live on ground beef alone. And so, he's become an expert at ordering in. Shut up, it is so a skill.
  • 1985 (Birth)
    On November 16th, a baby was born with a shriek of protest on the pool table at his aunt's house. It was at a family reunion, which everyone found unendingly amusing, and would bring up on that date for years and years afterward. The birth was shockingly easy, and over before the paramedics that the family called showed up. And he was given the tradional name of the first-born male in the Behrman family -- William.

  • 1986 - 1992 (Childhood)
    Little William was a ball of neverending, sunshiney energy. He had been a happy baby, but as a boy it seemed his good cheer knew no bounds. If he fell off his bike and scraped his knee, he would get up almost immediately and shrug it off, smiling because he would get a Ninja Turtles bandage. When his older sister Amy picked on him, he would make a joke rather than fight back, which would often diffuse the entire situation. The boy sang constantly, drawing attention from their neighbours on summer afternoons when he would make up songs about his toy dinosaurs. He did well in school, but there was something that bugged him. Just a little something, but to a child, it was a big deal. Finally, when he was seven, he declared his apparent dislike for his first name, and asked if he could go by the second half of it, rather than the first. From that day on, he was called almost exclusively Liam.

  • 1993 - 1997 (Tween)
    While most kids his age became gloomy and emo in the delicate pre-teen years, Liam remained almost obnoxiously cheerful. His friends were grouchy? He had pie! The girl he had a massive crush on told him he was a freak with weird thumbs? Yeah, well those thumbs were great for playing video games! He had feelings for his male best friend, and got punched in the nose when he professed them? ...Okay, that one admittedly hurt. But rather than spending the next week devastated, he moped for a day or so before deciding he didn't need people who were going to punch him in the face for admitting that he was less than straight. And it wasn't that he wasn't sad, because he was. It was, perhaps, his first big hurt. But he got over it quickly, the way he got over everything quickly, and he got through it with a smile on his face.

    In the end, middle school was very much like elementary school. He went, he did well enough to keep his parents happy, and friends clustered around him like little kids around an offering of candy. He was the candy, and that was just fine with him. His family was large enough that sometimes he felt like he got lost amongst his brothers and his sister, and so having a wide social circle made him feel... noticed. And at that age, even the most cheerful person needed positivity thrown their way, rather than always being the one throwing it out.

  • 1999 - 2004 (Teen)
    As a teenager, Liam sometimes felt like he was living in an Archie comic. Surely, life couldn't be this simplistic and... well. Not boring. Not exactly. Life couldn't be boring with three siblings and a wide circle of friends. There was always some kind of drama going on. Jenny was dating Michelle's ex who she was totally still in love with. Robbie's boyfriend broke up with him, so he started dating the other Rob. Liam really loved that, because he couldn't think of anything more hilarious than getting to scream out your own name out during sex. Not that he'd had sex, but from what he'd heard it was pretty awesome. And the idea of screaming your own name out? Hilarious. But that was really all there was to his life. The drama of high school, and his music - he'd started playing the guitar in ninth grade, and picked up the bass in the high school band - and that was really... it. It wasn't bad, but he always craved a little more. When he was grown-up, he decided, he was going to have adventures.

  • 2005 - 2010 ( Young Adult )
    And adventures he had. Nothing too wild. He wasn't that brave, nor that reckless. But he did take his ancient Jeep on a few cross country trips - stopping here and there to fix whatever on her broke down that time - and he met people in karaoke bars and arcades that became lifelong friends. Or, at least lifelong facebook friends. He met family he'd never known about and crashed on the couches of distant cousins, and he offered to give guitar lessons in tiny towns to earn enough money to keep himself afloat. He didn't visit every single state, but he managed to hit a lot of them. And when he'd talk to his parents, and they would ask him when he was going to settle down, start school, become an actual functioning member of society? He would scoff at them, and tell them not to worry about him, that he would be fine, and change the subject. He had a hint of a Peter Pan complex, truth be told.

    Nothing good lasts forever though, and soon his adventures came to an end. When he was back in Seattle, and things began to normalize again, Liam was faced with a decision; what was he going to do now? His bank account told him that pickin's were going to be mighty slim, at least until he got a job. His parents had generously donated a chunk of change that had made him actually cry, telling him that if he wasn't going to stay with them ( he was twenty-two at the time, and hated the fact that he still slept in his childhood bedroom. Just don't tell his mother that; Jewish mom guilt was the worst ) then they could at least make sure he wasn't sleeping in a refrigerator box somewhere. It wasn't enough to live off of, but it certainly helped. His Aunt, someone who had for years been little more than a visit at Christmas and a birthday card every year, told them on her yearly trip that she was moving to a small town in Los Angeles County for work. Liam had been to Disneyland and he had loved it, and he had been to a handful of small towns - ones that reminded him of Stars Hollow only without the fast talking - and he had loved those too. Struck by sudden inspiration, Liam pulled her aside after dinner and asked if she wanted a roommate. Thankfully, Linda had lived in Tennessee most of her life, and Southern Hospitality™ is a very real thing. She told him that he could stay with her for as long as he needed. And Liam, sweet Liam who had always been a bit of a slacker, took that to heart and he stayed. He stayed with her until he was almost twenty-seven years old. It was just when he was starting to feel really bad for his aunt, on top of getting that familiar 'I've stayed in the same place for too long and I am a grown ass man' itch he'd felt about living in Seattle that he met Hudson.

    He was at work ( Subway. He lost that job after only a few weeks, because he dropped too many sandwiches ) when a guy who was just familiar enough that made Liam squint at him came in. Not just the familiarity of a regular customer, though there was certainly that too. This was something more, that niggling feeling of 'I know I've seen you in places outside of Subway' that had him looking up at him almost suspiciously as he built his sandwich. Finally, he had to come out and ask him if they knew each other. And after a few minutes of discussing it, it was discovered that they lived in the same neighbourhood. And while that might normally garner little more than an interested, "Oh really?", Liam's reaction to discovering this tidbit of information went
    pretty much as expected for him. And truly, it was just as easy as that. They became fast friends. So fast, in fact, that it wasn't long at all before Hudson suggested to Liam that he move into the basement apartment he'd been trying to rent out for weeks. Liam, desperate to let his aunt have her space back, asked him when he could move in.

    And that was how Liam found himself living 'on his own' ( not really, because Hudson was always around, and they were pretty much roommates anyway ) and sharing a house with a man who would often drag him out of bed at four in the morning to go on a random adventure to go get Slurpees ( made more interesting because Hudson had wanted to go to Arizona to get them. He just wanted an excuse to play his Bangin' Road Trip playlist. ) or challenge him to a spur-of-the-moment 8-Bit Nintendo Tournament Of Champions. They became brothers almost instantly, and Liam couldn't even try to contain the happiness that was practically exploding from his very core.

  • 2011 - Present ( Old Man Liam )
    To say that Liam's life was better than it had ever been would be an almost gross understatement. At nearly thirty years old, he felt like he was finally taking off and flourishing. He was doing things that he had never even contemplated before. He had a job that he enjoyed far more than making sandwiches ( he worked at a game store, eventually climbing the ladder to become the manager ) and friends that he adored. He even started a band, something that he had wanted to do for decades. A real band, not just a couple of dudes getting together and singing weird covers of weirder songs. Sure, there was some of that, but they actually performed original songs. For actual audiences, sometimes even ones that paid to get in to see them play. They played for free a lot at first, but slowly momentum built up, and they made a name for themselves. They cut an album, which had moderate success for what it was. And in a day where anybody with a computer and a microphone could be a musician, he was pretty proud of that particular achievement. Many nights, he found himself laying awake, head pillowed on his folded arms, and he would be moved to actual tears by how happy he was with his current state of being. It was never something that he had expected from himself. He'd always been a slacker, he'd never even gone to college. And then, suddenly, everything fell into place.

    He and Hudson still live together, he still spends way too much time playing music, yelling at video games, and acting like ( as Hudson once put it over drinks ) a giant praying mantis manbaby. And he could not physically be happier if he tried. There are hard days, sure, but why let a few clouds ruin the sunny sky?
  • ten things.}
    He claims that he created the term 'Netflix and Chill' and he will fight you to the death if you disagree with him.

    → He has a hedgehog collection. he can't remember when he started it, or why.

    → He has an addiction to bad reality shows, that he'll never tell anyone about. We're talking 'Teen Mom' levels of bad.

    → He still has his original NES, and despite having most of the good games on Virtual Console he breaks it out once or twice a year to play all the classics. And despite how many times he's beaten it, he still needs a map to get through The Legend of Zelda.

    → He's afraid of dark hallways, and will often sprint from his bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the night, not feeling safe until he's behind a closed door with the light on. Shut up, you have an irrational fear of the dark as a grown-ass man.

    → He came down with a nasty case of norovirus on the same night that his parents took him to a Chinese buffet, and due to the association with the restaurant and being violently ill, he couldn't eat Chinese food for a decade. Even homemade stir-fry made him queasy.

    → He will listen to any type of music you put in front of him, and he will enjoy it for what it is. Even the twangiest of country has a spot in his music-loving heart.

    → He has night terrors if he eats within an hour before he goes to bed.

    → He likes to say he has no time to read, while he's sitting on the couch eating chips and doing absolutely nothing productive.

    → There are three movies that he can watch a thousand times and never get sick of them; That Thing You Do!, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and The Prince of Egypt. It's gotten to the point where Hudson won't watch any of these with him, because he sings along with every song, and will often recite his favorite lines.
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